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Born, 1979, in Lausanne (CH), dom aka Konpiùta grew up in a artistic and musical environment. His own musical journey began at age 6 when he started playing the classical piano and later the electric guitar and bass.

As a teenager, Konpiuta was into rock music and played bass in a variety of “bands” inspired by grunge, funk, world music and jam sessions. However, when Konpiuta was confronted for the first time (late 90’s) to deconstructed and industrial electronic sounds, he realised very quickly the variety of emotions and atmospheres of that mental music or non-music.

His music addiction would focus on a more abstract and introspective sound. From 2000 onwards, Konpiuta began to create his musical universe at his own home studio comprised from a vast array of instruments he’d lovingly collected. Inspired by artists such as Autechre, Sutekh, Twerk, Anders Ilar, Plastikman, Vladislav delay, Aphex Twin, Pan_sonic or Murcof, Konpiuta was to keep his first musical works outside of the music industry allowing his sound to develop independently from the clubbing and DJ scenes.

Konpiuta also undertook studies in visual arts fusing his music and sound exploration with visual experimentation. Konpiuta began performing live at private parties and then launched his sound to the music world with the generous help of VR Records (Lausanne) who offered him the opportunity to play in différent clubs and at the Caprices Festival in Crans Montana (CH) in 2006. It was there that the public and music press were hypnotised by the velvet texture and deep dark sonorities of Konpiuta’s music.

In 2008, konpiuta began to play in different places around the world (Canada, Russia, Austria, Germany, France ,Belgium)

konpiuta already played with

Ryan Hawkin, Jimi Trip, Lega, Max Grabke, Simon Effect, Mini-Jool, Dj Nelson, Seti, Analog, Alex Under, Davidovitch, Easychanges, Dualism, David Keno, Pompelmoessap, Canary Fontaine, Zippy, Rudolf, Analogue, Minorscene, David Fjorgenson, Dj Hudi, Juan Baeza, St-Plomb, Crowdpleaser, Digitaline, Ghettopo, Jacqui, Cesare vs Disorder, Jackson5, Chaton, Sebastian Herre, Agnes, Emmat, Dj Lio-m, Dj Volta, Polykoma, Flipmatic, Suedmilch, Tone, Ableton, Ramon Lorenzo, Ruben Lorenzo, Butane, Pedro Andrade, Shaadi Megallah, MDA, Rabi, Yan Ka…

references (clubs, festivals…)

La Ruche (CH) / Elf Club (CH) / Breakdaröstigraben (CH) / Elektron Festival (CH) / La Coupole (CH) / Overground Festival (CH) La Superette (CH) / ARMA17 (RU) / Solyanka (RU) / Standard Café (CH) / MAD (CH) / Zappoff (CH) / Picnic Electronic (CA) Laïka (CA) / Salon Daomé (CA) / Espace44 (CH) / Case à chocs (CH) / XXème (CH) / Point Bar (CH) / Mouton Noir (CH) DirtClub (DE) / Golden Gate (DE) / Gotec Dirtclub (DE) / Fire Club (DE) / Piping Club (CH) / SASS music Club (AU) Caprices Festival (CH) / Mallparty (BE) / Les Fours-à-Chaux (CH) and many other secret places …